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    Large Pizzas from $20

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    Gelato $7

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    Beer from $7

    Wine by the glass $7

    Wine by the bottle $20 -$30


About Us

A few words about the Owner

Hi from Frank

I have been making pizzas at The View in Hardys Bay since 2015 so must be doing something right. Before that we operated out of the back of a trailer around Wagstaff. I am also a driving and riding instructor and even Microsoft Excel trainer during the week!

A few words about pizzas

What makes them great…

Our pizzas are made with flour from Italy. Same for our tomatoes. We are always trying to improve the taste with better ingredients and processes. We pride ourselves on coming up with new SPECIAL pizzas to keep the menu fresh.

A few words about The View

Now and the future…

When is the building getting torn down? I do not know! I have spoken to the owner and he is keen to get it going before summer 2020. Will I be back? I would love too!, who doesn’t love this town, but the time frame for the massive construction, cost of new premises rent during winter will all be factors. But who knows, if you have a local location, let me know!

About Cheese

It’s contentious!

We don’t put cheese all the way to the edge as the cheese rolls off and the oven get sticky and it is hard to spin a pizza. Also on cheese, we don’t put on as much as some people like, not because we are cheap but it boils the fresh ingredients rather than woodfire them. If you want more cheese, just ask, we do not charge extra

About woodfired Ovens

Hope this helps

We can cook a pizza in 90 seconds when the oven is really going, but generally around two and a half minutes. Why is there any waiting? People in Australia are creatures of habit and have dinner between 6 and 7 so waiting times are completely up to how many people have ordered just ahead of you. On a Sunday or winter night it will be generally be no longer than 15 minutes


How, when, why?…

We like to put your pizza in the oven when you arrive because more than 5 minutes in a cardboard box is not good for any pizza. If you are one of the few Aussies who are on time let us know, otherwise it is generally less than 3 minutes from when you arrive


How, when, why?…

We deliver everywhere on the peninsula, from Wagstaff to Macmasters to Putty Beach campsite and down the hill around the Empire Bay Tavern. We charge $5 ($10 to Macmasters). Please put the light on and any extra instructions about your location as the house numbers in the area are very misleading

A place to wine, a place to dine

Eat in or take it across the road…

Looking to book a table? That’s no problem most of the year, If its busy, we recommend eating across the road, we will bring it to you. In winter, we have a gas heater and close the blinds and doors to keep the heat in, but most Aussies grab takeaway. I run movies of a weekend, perhaps join us for the big screen

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Delivery Area

We deliver to;

Killcare Heights
Hardys Bay
Pretty Beach
Putty Beach campsite
Empire Bay ($10)
Macmasters Beach ($10)
Bensville ($10)

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