This weeks story. A customer noticed our craft beer of the week “Furphy” and wanted to take a photo as he was friends of the Furphies. He then delighted customers by regaling where the word furphy came from. “The word is said to derive from water carts designed and made by J. Furphy & Sons of Shepparton, Victoria. Many Furphy water carts were used to take water to Australian Army personnel during World War I in Australia, Europe and the Middle East. The carts, with “J. Furphy & Sons” written on their tanks, became popular as gathering places where soldiers could exchange gossip, rumours and fanciful tales “furphies”— much like today’s water cooler discussion”. I have recounted the story a few times and I was amazed that many Aussies did not know what the word meant. Did you? Could this whole story be a furphy? #Theviewpizza #furphy #furphybeer #furphys