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Amazing meals & great location

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Come and try our woodfired pizzas.
Its always amazing how many people say these pizzas are the best they have ever had.
Come see for yourself.

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Cheers from Frank


Our location is 58 Araluen Drive, Hardys Bay NSW

Phone: 0421682039
Open Fri– Sun 5pm – 9pm

Open more in warmer months

Enjoy a great meal across from the water. Even take your pizza or have it brought over and dangle your feet in the water whilst you eat.

Nothing else like it on the Central Coast


Our bases are made with flour from Italy.

Same for the tomatoes in our sauce.

Entrees, Gelato, Salads and Franks favourite, the cheesecake at The View

Come and try them for yourself

Please phone us for a reservation

Please phone us for a reservation

Please phone us for a reservation

Please phone us for a reservation


Call us on 0421682039

We are open Friday, Saturday and Sundays ONLY except Christmas Holidays months. Google will have correct hours

Need to contact us outside open hours?

Use facebook for quickest response or use our Contact us page for email

A few words about the Owner

Let me introduce myself

My name is Frank.
After several years of selling pizzas from a mobile trailer around the Central Coast  I have been able to find a venue to sell pizzas and suit my lifestyle here in Hardys Bay.
I have been here in Hardys Bay for over three years so I must be doing something right
I will be here till they tear it down.

How long will that be? Who knows!

Will I be back? I doubt it as the wait for construction, new premises rent and quiet winter mean there are there are better ways to make a living.

But if you have a place we can use when that time comes let us know as I do enjoy it.

I like to do something that makes people happy…. and full!

I enjoy a chat so be careful, conversation can go anywhere.

I have spent several years as a motorcycle instructor as well as a software trainer. Odd career choices, plus many other career paths, but hey do what you love I say.

A few words about the Pizza

Things I have learnt along the way

Some things you may not know about pizzas.
We don’t put the ingredients all the way to the edge in woodfired ovens, especially the cheese, as it roles off and melts, then we can’t cook other pizzas in that area as they stick and burn.
We only lightly cheese our pizzas, not because we are cheap! but if its covered in cheese, it boils the ingredients rather than get that great wood fired taste, but hey if you want more cheese, just ask, we don’t charge extra,  but we may judge you.

Ever since we opened we have used the same dough, the same tomatoes, the same meats. I have taken several years creating these pizzas and finding the right meats, cheeses, veggies so why change.

We can cook a pizza in under 2 minutes!, waiting times are only caused by how many are ahead of you.

Waiting times are generally around 15 minutes in colder months

We always wait to customers arrive before putting your pizzas in. Even 5 minutes in a cardboard box is not good for any pizza.

If you will be on time let us know and we will time it for you.

I am always create new and exciting pizzas and we also explore other great eating options. Keep in mind we only have a pizza oven running at a very high temp so we don’t do pastas etc in the oven. Its too hot to even do traditional garlic bread.

A few words about the restaurant

Lots of beer and wine options to relax with

Check out the specials and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or even simply check in here for an update from our Instagram feed
We have great weekly specials and are always open to suggestions
The restaurant is very relaxed.
Perfect for relaxing at the bar with a beer or wine.

We are only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the colder months. I would love be open more days but that is really up to the locals.

Its what a Hardys bay weekend is all about. Leaving the city behind.

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